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Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh Biomaterials Foundry! Our goal is to improve lives through biomaterials innovation. We apply tools from chemistry, biology, and materials science and engineering to create functional biomaterials that enable new treatments in regenerative medicine. We strive to advance the field by innovations in biomaterial Design, Processing, and Application.
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Post-doctoral position available immediately
Applicants should have organic or polymer synthesis experience


11-18-15 The Biomaterials Foundry Team "Phoenix" Clinched The PInCh! Comprised of Lab Members Eric Jeffries, Chelsea Stowell, Daniel Long, and Yen-Lin Wu(not pictured here), Phoenix was a final winner for the 2015 PInCh Competition: Healthy Lives Matter Beginning To End. Contributers to Team Phoenix from outside the lab include Piyusha Gade and Prabir Roy-Chaudhury

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